Top Notch Universities and Colleges in New England, USA

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There’s no doubt that New England is USA’s fountain of Knowledge. There’s hardly any other region in North America that could rival the academic prowess highlighted in this part of the world. From Junior level colleges to fully-fledged multiversities, the culture of world class education has been passed down for generations since USA’s first university pioneered here 400 years ago.

For that reason, we have dedicated this space to give you a quick overview of what to expect in this scholarly region. As you may already know, USA’s New England region is comprised of six diverse states, each of which has more than one award-winning campus. This includes;

1.) Connecticut.
In the greater area of New Haven, USA’s 3rd oldest university was established back in 1701. Yale University is a famous alma mater to more than a handful prominent personalities, from celebrated actors to former American presidents, including Bill Clinton. Connecticut is also home to the legendary ‘ Uconn’ – The University of Connecticut.

2.) Massachusetts.
The state of Massachusetts is almost a semblance of USA’s residence of International college students. The brightest of the crop from as far The Far East and Africa throng to the three ultra-modern varsities located here, for a slice of the epitome of world class education. MIT ( Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology) and Boston university are renowned globally for their multi-cultural student population.

Additionally, in the same locality, USA’s oldest university stands unparalleled, almost 400 years after the foundation was laid in 1636- (Harvard University.)

Boston, which is a city in this state, has time and again been branded as ‘ America’s College Town.” A direct description for it’s staggering population of scholars who flock here to attend programmes offered by the 50 different tertiary institutions located here.

3.) Maine.
The rather serene state of Maine has it own unique educational history. Bowdoin College in Brunswick was the trailblazer of the culture of higher education in this area. The campus also shares its stately borders with the famed osteopathic medicine school -The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine.

4.) New Hampshire.
A member of the revered Ivy League has its roots here. Dartmouth College continues to command respect through it’s well-equipped and staffed School of Medicine, that churns out some of most skilled surgeons today.On the side of the spectrum, the ‘pilgrims’ also claim the same territory under the name of New England College.

5.) Rhode Island.
Brown University, another member of the Ivy League colleges is also set in this historic part of the country. The campus is the 7th oldest in the USA, having been established in 1764. Also explore John’s & Wales University, one of America’s few colleges of culinary arts and hospitality.

6.) Vermont.
The land of the paradisal Green mountains also features some famous multi-varsities such as the University of Vermont, which was chartered in the 1800s. In the vicinity of Middlebury town, you can also find the Middlebury college which is known for producing some of best print journalists in the country.
Lastly, there is the internationally acclaimed School of English, which is situated in the outstanding Bread Loaf Campus.